Elastomeric polymer bitumen membrane (SBS)

Prefabricated waterproofing membrane composed of distilled bitumen and elastomeric polymers (SBS type) with reinforcement in non-woven spunbonded polyester fabric that gives the membrane high mechanical properties and excellent dimensional stability. Elastomeric SBS membranes without the self-protection consisting of slate chippings cannot be painted and cannot be employed as monolayer or exposed top layer. In this last case you must always provide heavy duty protection on top (e.g. prefabricated paving squares or tiles). The self-protected version with slate chippings on the upper surface reduces the absorption of heat on the surface thus improving the durability of the membrane. The self-protected versions are provided with a lateral overlap.

  • Resistance to demanding working situations
  • Good puncture strength
  • Partial resistance to the natural movements of the coverage
  • Good mechanical performance
FLEXPOL, Elastomeric polymer bitumen membrane (SBS)