Plasto-elastomeric polymer bitumen membrane (APP)

Prefabricated waterproofing membrane composed of distilled bitumen and elastoplastomeric polymers (APP) reinforced with heavy duty fibreglass mesh. For creating vapour barriers on roofs that have high values of relative humidity >70% near the intrados, use ISOLVAPOR NB LAMINAL with aluminium foil reinforcement. The particular conformation of the upper surface, featuring "dimpled" elements, associated with the particular bituminous compound, allows it to be used as a vapour barrier, underneath the insulating element. ISOLVAPOR NB can be successfully used even on steep slopes without compromising the end result.

  • Reduction of overall installation times
  • Strong grip of the insulation on the membrane owing to the presence of the adhesive dimples
  • Easy installation
  • Easy and safe installation of the insulating panels obtained with the fusion of the adhesive dimples (more than 1000/mq).
  • Safer operation for the contractor without the encumbrance and the danger of a boiler.
  • A plasto-elastomeric compound that gives the membrane good workability at low temperatures, resistance to mechanical stress and an elastic performance.
ISOLVAPOR NB LAMINAL, Plasto-elastomeric polymer bitumen membrane